Check out these amazing organisations, service providers, charities, and links for parenting, pre-natal, post-natal, wellness and sustainable fashion resources.


Links to parenting resources - pre and post-partum
  • Afterthird provide expert and community support for new parents, from fertility through to returning to work.
  • MambaUK are an evidence-based antenatal and baby care consultancy delivering
    bespoke private workshops for couples across the South, West Midlands and Wales.
  • Bellies Abroad provide multi-lingual pre- and post natal services to parents in  Italy. Bellies Abroad is a registered Not for Profit whose mission is for every family to have a positive, safe and respected birth, to make well informed choices, and to receive the help and support they need during pregnancy, post natal and parenting experiences.
  •  Message is a diverse, supportive community of families living in and around Paris with one key goal: to help each other feel at home. As well as community, they provide pre-natal classes, breastfeeding support, and support to a range of specialist parenting needs.


Links to breastfeeding support resources and organisations
  • Kellymom provides well-researched, no-nonsense information on getting started, troubleshooting, weaning. Good summaries and links to information on breastfeeding and Covid-19.
  • La Leche League International provide local community support as well as good information in many countries and languages


Links to wellness and wellbeing resources
  • Yogamamanbebe specialises in pre-and post-natal fitness and wellness expertise. Available online and face-to-face in the west of Paris area.
  • MambaUK provides professional perinatal support for anxiety and trauma.

Sustainable Fashion 

links to sustainable clothing solutions
  • Aka+Pip have partnered with the Sharewear Clothing Scheme for re-use and re-purposing of our end of life clothing. Sharewear tackle clothing poverty in th e north of England.
sharewear clothing scheme logo