Rental FAQs

How long can I keep the items for? 

Your rental period starts from the day you receive the package, and ends either 7 or 30 days from that day. On the last day of your rental you need to put the items in their return packaging and let us know via email before 12 noon that the items are ready for collection.

We will send you a reminder a few days before your rental ends.

If you have a membership with us, we will also remind you to pick out your items for next month.

When will my next box be sent?

Your next box can be shipped when we receive confirmation from the courier that your current box has been collected and is on its way back to us.

When is my return date? 

For weekly rentals, the return date is the 7th day after you receive your items. For example if you receive the items on a Tuesday, they are due to be sent back the following Tuesday.

For monthly rentals, the return date is the 30th day after you receive your items.

We will email you a few days before to remind you of the return date.

What if I lose or damage the Aka+Pip box and/or return lable? 

If you lose your return lable we will email you a new one that you will need to print and attach to the return package. There may be a fee for this.

If you cannot use your Aka+Pip box, please return the clothes in your own box or secure packaging. 

How many items can I rent at a time? 

With Flexi, you can rent as many items as you wish! Each item is priced seperately.

With your membership, it depends on which package you have chosen. You can always add extra items to your box each month for the Flexi price. 

What if I don't like some of the items? 

With our Booster and Unlimited membership packages, you can pick out more items than you will actually keep each month, to enable you to try on and keep the ones you like best. You need to send the ones you don't wish to keep back to us within 2 days of receiving your package.

If you have rented via the Flexi option, for a fee of €15 you can send back to us any items you don't like and only pay for rental of the ones you keep. Note that you will initially be billed for the total number of items shipped to you. You must return any unwanted items within 48hours of receipt, and we will refund you the rental cost of those items, less the flat fee of €15, as soon as we receive them. 

Can I buy instead of rent?

Yes! If you really prefer to buy, select the 'buy it new' option on the product page. Or check out our 'Sale' section for gently used ex-rental items available at up to 50% off the retail price.

Can I keep an item for longer (or buy it) if I want to?

Unfortunately because other people may have reserved the same items, it is necessary to return everything at the end of your rental period. However let us know by email at and we might be able to sort something out.