Cleaning FAQs

How are the garments cleaned between rentals?

All our garments, accessories, hangers, and all re-useable packaging are thoroughly cleaned each time they are returned to us. (Please note, during COVID-19 we are not re-using packaging, as an extra precaution). 

Our cleaning agents and practices are designed to kill viruses such as the common cold and flu.  While scientific information is still developing, we have no reason to believe that our processes are ineffective against COVID-19.

Each garment is thoroughly cleaned, steamed and pressed, inspected for quality, and carefully stored separately  from returning garments to ensure no risk of contact between the sterilised garments and those still to be cleaned and inspected.

All garments go through a wet or dry cleaning process. They also go through an additional steaming process which heats items to between 120°C and 150°C. According to the CDC, flu viruses are killed by heat above 75°C.

Am I able to wash or dry-clean my items? 

We sort out the washing and cleaning so you don't have to! We highly recommend that customers do not clean the garments themselves as any damage incurred during the process will be your responsibility. However, for monthly rentals, we understand that you are likely to want to wear your items more than once, and for this reason we include detailed cleaning instructions with the garments, but please keep washing to a minimum, and any damage incurred is at your own risk. 

What if I accidentally stain or damage the clothes? 

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable. Insurance is included with our memberships and with any Flexi rental we add a €5 insurance fee to cover minor stains and damage. However, significant damage, loss of the item, and theft aren't covered under the insurance. If the item is damaged beyond repair or never returned, you will be charged the full retail price of the item.


Will the clothes need to be cleaned and pressed on arrival?

We do our best to ensure your garments arrive wrinkle-free. Each item is steamed and pressed before being carefully folded in tissue paper. If you receive clothing with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat or contact a stylist for advice.


What condition are the clothes in? 

The clothes are either new, or in like-new condition. We take great care to clean and inspect all of our pieces so they arrive in pristine condition. As soon as the clothes start to look less than new, they are retired from our rental collection, and either made available for purchase in our 'private sale' area, or donated to our partner organisations for women in need.