Billing FAQs

When will my card be charged? 

You are charged at the time you make your reservation or confirm your order for your membership. 


For members, your card on file will be charged monthly on your bill date for your membership fee. You will also be charged for any extra items you choose to add to your plan. 


How will I be billed each month for my membership? 


Members are charged a membership price on a monthly basis, with the exception of Curated Capsule members, who pay the three month fee up front. Memberships are automatically renewed and you will be billed on the same day every month at the rate then in effect to your payment card on file. For example, if you take your membership subscription on April 27, your next payment will be taken on May 27. Your membership will not expire unless you contact us and choose to cancel.


How do I cancel my membership? 


Please email us at letting us know you want to cancel. We will respond within 24hours with confirmation and details on returning any items you currently have. 


Will I be charged for items not returned after I cancel my membership? 


Yes, we reserve the right to charge members up to the full retail price for each item not returned by the last day of your membership.


Late Fees


Unfortunately, there is a massive knock-on effect if returns are not delivered on time, as the next customer who is planning to use the item can no longer at short notice. Therefore, we rely in good faith of our customers to return the items on time to ensure other customers get to use the products too. If you are late in returning the items to us, a late fee of €30 per item per day will be charged.

How do I avoid Late Fees

Return the items you’ve rented in the same packaging that was delivered to you on time!  During COVID-19 all returns will be collected from your door by a courier service. Before 12 noon on the last day of your rental period please ensure the items have been packed in the return box, and the return label affixed to the box. Email us at to let us know the box is ready and we will arrange collection.