Aka+Pip came about to shake things up and tackle two problems. First, "I am pregnant and I have nothing to wear".  Its really hard to find genuinely stylish, top quality maternity clothing - it does exist, there are some great brands out there, but tracking them down takes time, patience, a bit of luck, and then they are usually priced out of reach for a 'temporary' wardrobe. The maternity fashion sector is dominated by cheaper, disposable 'fast fashion'...which brings us to the second issue: "we can't shop our way to sustainability". With fashion the second biggest polluter (after the Oil Industry), 80% of clothing ending in landfill, and Maternity clothing, by its nature,  geared towards a short life, we think its time to change this.

Our mission is to gather the best quality, best fitting, beautifully crafted and most stylish clothing, and make it available to you to borrow (or buy, if you really want to). This ensures that, no matter how your body is changing, or the occasion, you always have something to wear. It also means less waste:

  • no 'mistakes' buried in the back of the wardrobe;
  • once you have finished with an item, it goes to someone else;
  • by only offering the best quality and prioritising style over fashion, the clothing looks better for longer;
  • once the clothing needs to be retired, we minimise the amount that goes to landfill by converting it into new, useful products (unless it is still in a good enough state to continue circulating through charities). 

Most of us have some pretty important things to spend our money and attention on at this time of life, so Aka+Pip makes it easier  to ensure you always have something fabulous to wear, in a more sustainable way. By renting your maternity wardrobe instead of buying, you consume better, spend better, waste less.