Looking after you (so you can look after others)

organising yourself for the day

You know that feeling when you wake up and have loads of plans for the day? You have a list of things you have to do, want to do, aspire to do… and at the end of the day you just did half of them or maybe one or two…because time was too short, more urgent things cropped up, or during this time of isolation, maybe you just couldn’t face it all today. But tomorrow is another opportunity and you will pick up where you left off, or maybe decide that what seemed important yesterday actually isn’t relevant today.


I look around and see all these women, older or younger than me, they are doing so much, planning so much for themselves, for their families, communities. This is what make us women different, what makes us amazing. I was reminded of this again when someone shared a meme of Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister. In her first term of office (actually, in a little over 12 months) she has dealt with a significant and tragic terrorist attack, a volcanic eruption, and a global pandemic – all while being a new, first-time mum.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's Prime Minister

She has many other concrete achievements that make a difference to the lives of New Zealanders under her belt this past 12 months too.  Of course she has the support of great teams around her, and these teams are partly so effective because she is such a skilled leader. One of the key factors in her leadership style is her real, authentic humanity, kindness and being herself.

The power that a woman has inside of her… it is incredible and helps us to do incredible things too. Do you ever stop to think about how we manage house, work, family, all the hormonal changes that we endure every month? Yet so often we don’t value this enough and be kind enough to ourselves. We need to remember to do small things to make us to feel good too. We forget to schedule time for ourselves or put it at the bottom of that long list. And so we forget to put on a bit of lipstick or do our hair because we haven’t had enough time. During this period of confinement, we might just grab the nearest comfy thing from our drawers to rush through our days, instead of choosing a nice outfit that helps us stand taller, feel confident, showing the outside how we feel on the inside. Its too easy to forget that we are beautiful and strong and should show our power…But forgetting to take some time for yourself can result in burnout, exhaustion, suppressed immune systems, its really important to take care of yourself.

Home PedicureDuring this quarantine, a lot of jobs, activities, meetings have been put on hold … but my question is why put yourself on hold? Time hasn’t stopped. This is a perfect time to remember to care for you. So why not take some time to use that skin mask you have in the back of your cabinet, or indulge in a longer bath to moisturise your hair and your skin?  (OK really maybe that is a dream too far if you have babies and young children!) Or why not do some activities to burn some calories, to get your blood circulating and clear your head? And above all, why not wear that nice dress again?

Dinner date at homeMake the opportunity now… plan with your husband or girlfriend or boyfriend or room-mate a “night out” at home. Light those candles that you have, choose a nice playlist on Spotify and wear that amazing dress or outfit that you love but never find the right opportunity. This is the moment that the universe is giving us to create our own moment now! No need to wait for the right moment…

Our time hasn’t stopped, so don’t stop looking after yourself. It helps you to be stronger, to have more mental space and more energy to do the myriad activities we as Women are always tackling. Take this extra time and make it worth it. Look after YOU. If you are in need of some inspiration on what to wear, check out Aka+Pip's collection of dresses for special occasions here.



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