Conscious Consumption

overwhelmed with clothes

One of my first thought after the quarantine was announced was: Now, I am going to have time to tidy my wardrobe! And one week later there I was, facing up to the task. I don’t know why but I felt very emotional when I opened my wardrobe. First, I felt brave to deal with the beast, second I felt afraid of what I would actually find in there. Finally I took a deep breath and dived in.  

I read that one of the best tactics is to take everything out, and give the space itself a thorough clean. At that moment I almost gave up – I couldn’t see through the mountain of clothing and accessories heaped on the floor and on every available surface. It took hours. But I am so proud of myself for sticking at it, the end result is really good!organised

After all of this, I saw how I buy clothes, accessories and just wear once and then forget that I have it. Because we women like to wear something different, not repeat outfits, or if we have any special event coming up for sure the first thought is: “I don’t have anything to wear” and  the second is “I have to buy something special” and then we are starting to look online or have the perfect excuse to go shopping.

I think this quarantine has been good for all of us, because it has given us the time to evaluate if we really need all of this stuff. When I was studying agriculture and environment engineering, I had the opportunity to take some extra courses in Europe, and one of them was in France. The lecturer said one thing that I never forgot: Why develop so many new technologies to manage the waste of our activities? If we changed our consumption behaviour, maybe we wouldn’t need so much of this waste management investment, and instead we could actually spend this effort helping each other? That phrase stayed in my head. At the time, I immediately changed my habits:  I started to use my bike instead of my car to go to places, I started to exchange clothes with my friends.  But gradually I regressed to my old routines. Why? because to make a real change we need time and self-reflection.

This is what we have now.

With the new sharing economy with Airbnb, Uber, peer-to-peer clothing exchange sites,  and new sites dedicated to the rental of clothes and accessories, I think this is the moment to embrace this, start a new routine, a new mind-set. From new habits can come good things: more money in our pocket, a cleaner environment with less waste, less energy consumption, and more sharing for us and future generations.



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