Breastfeeding in Style

Breastfeeding in style


Once you have got the hang of breastfeeding, it is so liberating to be able to go out and about without having to worry about preparing bottles (and with substantially less paraphernalia to lug about). Having the right clothing is absolutely essential though – it makes your breastfeeding life SO much easier if you are not having to wrestle with poorly-adapted tops or the risk of stripping to the waist just to feed your baby. Or trying to manoeuvre a scarf over you and baby to maintain your modesty. Aka+Pip has some great options available.

The best styles tend to be the easiest to manipulate, allowing you to quickly and discreetly pop baby onto the breast. For this reason, I find the double-layer tops such as Legoe Heritage Valance Tee, or Attesa’s Gaia top perfect.

Gaia nursing topNo buttons or zips to wrangle, just an easy lift-and-position movement and baby is happily feeding while you enjoy your coffee.


For upping the style ante this spring/summer, my favourite is Pietro Brunelli’s Papaver dress. This dress has THE most beautifully flattering cut, and the abundant gathering of fabric from the shoulder to the knot-front conceals a clever layer to allow baby to feed with the utmost style.

Papaver nursing dress

Another gorgeous model while the weather is cool is Attesa’s Bella dress. With its cross-over front, it allows easy breastfeeding access.

Bella nursing dress

If you are back at work and expressing milk, it is also an enormous help to have clothing that works well for pumping. Not all places of work are able to provide lovely, comfortable parent rooms where you might be ok with completely removing your top to express. More often than not the space provided is private, but that’s about it. So having well thought out clothing is really important. In this situation, zips and buttons are a bit easier since you are not in quite as much of a hurry and have two free hands! But you are likely to need both boobs out at once. In this situation, the double-side zip design of Legoe’s jumpsuits are pretty good.Mayfair breastfeeding friendly jumpsuit

 Attesa’s double layer Anita top is amazing as, under a cropped layer which can be nipped in by a gorgeous chiffon tie, it has two cleverly concealed zips which actually open the whole front area.

Anita nursing top This is perfect for double pumping, where the trick is finding clothing that gives you enough clearance to express without the risk of milk leaking onto the clothing.

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