Rent Your Maternity Wardrobe

Need a new wardrobe? Rent fabulous new looks that you can swap as your body and needs change

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How it Works

Step 1: Choose a Rental Package

Choose the package that works for you: Boost your looks with one box per month; go all out with unlimited swaps each month; or try our "a la carte"  option for a one-time rental

Step 2: Pick out your Items

Check out our curated collections of Insta-worthy day wear, work wear, stunning outifts for special occasions and add the items you like to your box.

Step 3: Wear and Repeat!

Enjoy wearing your new clothes for the month, then return using your pre-paid shipping label. Pick out your items for the next month!

Love an item so much you want to keep it? No problem! Own it for up to 50% off the retail price.


A La Carte

Browse Aka+Pip's A La Carte collection of day wear, work wear and stunning outfits for special occasions, each priced individually. You can rent as many pieces as you like and enjoy them for a month. No sign up or login required.

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This is Aka+Pip's member's only area, with exclusive collections of day wear, work wear and beautiful special-occasion outfits for our subscribers.  From €74/month. Please sign up to one of our packages to access these collections. 

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This is Aka+Pip's Style Essentials member's only area. Please sign up to our Style Essentials package at €42/month to access our collection of stylish  maternity basics .

Style Essentials

Benefits of Renting With Aka+Pip

  • You are in control: you choose the clothes you want to receive.
  • It is safe and hygienic - all clothes are professionally cleaned and sterilised with each rental.
  • The clothes are brand new or in 'as new' condition.
  • You get a designer wardrobe for a fraction of the price
  • Your wardrobe changes with you. As your bump grows and shrinks, swap out your clothes.
  • Curated collection of top independent international designers.
  • Sustainable, ethical - no 'fast fashion' here.
  • Help save 25kg CO2 per garment rented.

We are confident you will love the Aka+Pip experience, but if you are not satisfied we offer a 10 Day money back guarantee.

Aka+Pip stands for always having access to clothes you feel fabulous in

Aka+PiP curates the  most stylish, best quality maternity and sustainable post-pregnancy clothing we can find, to help you look and feel amazing as your body changes shape over these next few months. We think that all women deserve to wear fabulous clothes even when your body is temporarily a different shape and size. We think all women deserve this without having to spend a fortune on new clothes, and with a minimal impact on our precious world.
Renting your maternity wardrobe instead of buying means you will always have something perfect to wear.

Aka+Pip Packages

Style Essentials

  • Perfect for must-have basics
  • Access €400 worth of clothes for only €42!
  • Choose 4 items from our Essentials edit
  • Keep for a month
  • Swap for new items each month
  • Cancel any time
  • Return shipping and cleaning included


Choose Style Essentials

Style Boost

  • Perfect for extending your wardrobe
  • Choose 4 Fabulous items per month 
  • Access to our VIP collection
  • Swap for new pieces each month
  • Return shipping and cleaning included
  • Cancel any time
  • Rent extra items 20% off A La Carte prices


Choose Style Boost

Style Unlimited

  • Perfect for Fashionistas and Sustainability
  • No need to buy any clothes for pregnancy
  • Choose 6 items at a time
  • Access to our VIP collection
  • Keep as long as you like
  • Swap whenever you like
  • Return shipping and cleaning included
  • Cancel any time
  • Rent extra items 30% off A La Carte prices


Choose Style Unlimited

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