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Always be in style through Pregnancy and beyond.  
Rent the Maternity and Breastfeeding wardrobe that changes with your body and needs

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Treat yourself to style and fashion without the guilt. 
Enjoy renting a wardrobe that changes with your body and your needs

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What our customers are saying

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! I was blown away with how quickly the box came and how amazing the clothes are. From the packaging to the cleanliness to the quality to the fit - it was total perfection. Everything fit perfectly! I’m so shocked and happy. The quality of the clothes is incredible - everything is soft and comfortable yet super fashionable. I’m actually regretting even buying a few items before subscribing because I truly feel I can have everything I need for the next 5 months and beyond from you guys.
Brittany (Paris, France)

Maternity Clothes Rental

The easiest way to stay true to your style while your body and needs are changing

maternity clothing rental how it works

Style AND Substance

Aka+PiP offers the  most stylish, best quality maternity and sustainable post-pregnancy clothing we can find, to help you look and feel amazing as your body changes shape over these next few months. We think that all women deserve to wear fabulous clothes even when your body is temporarily a different shape and size. And we think all women deserve this without having to spend a fortune on new clothes, and with a minimal impact on our precious world. That's why we focus on maternity clothes rental.
Renting your maternity clothing instead of buying means:  

  • You will always have something perfect to wear, for a fraction of the retail price
  • You don't clutter your wardrobe with stuff you wear only a couple of times
  • You can have fun with styles and colours you might not normally buy for yourself
  • You are helping to reduce the amount of clothing that goes to landfill
  • You are supporting women in need through our charity partnerships

Check out our your future, flexible wardrobe here: 

Rental Collections

If you really prefer to buy an item new instead of renting, then you have this option on the product pages.

How it Works

maternity clothing rental choose package

Step 1: Choose a Rental Package

Either go Flexi, just rent what you like, for 7 days or 1 month. Each item is priced individually.
Or save even more by choosing one of our membership packages, click here for details:

Membership Packages
maternity clothing rental choose items

Step 2: Pick your favourites 

Add the items you like to your bag, and pick the date you want the rental to start. The clothes will be delivered to a convenient collection point to ensure you never miss a delivery.

maternity clothing rental return and repeat

Step 3: Wear and Repeat!

Wear your new clothes straight out of the box - professionally cleaned, sterilised, quality inspected and ready for you to wear and enjoy! At the end of the rental, pop the clothes in their prepaid return pack and drop off at the collection point. Don't worry about cleaning - we take care of that for you!

Happy customers

Wow! I love this concept! Great styles and I was expecting big delays due to Covid but my order arrived fast, and the clothes are perfect! Really great quality and fit. I highly recommend Aka+Pip. Ann, UK

This is amazing – I am going to save so much money on pregnancy clothes thanks to Aka+Pip! I tried the Dorothea dress, its so pretty, and the Salisburgo dress looks super! I was worried it would be too tight (I take a size 42 on the bottom) but its really comfortable and my boyfriend love it on me. Thank you!
Florence, France

I spotted your store on Instagram and I am so glad I have discovered that I can rent my maternity clothes! I also like that I can rent as many or as few pieces as I want. I know that next month I will be stocking up since my bump is getting biiiiiiig and I am so over baggy t-shirts. Great solution!
Katie, Scotland

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